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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another tips on HOW TO APPLY MINERAL POWDER (found this on internet)

  1. The author without any makeup. Start with a freshly washed and moisturized face.
  2. With the top securely on the foundation, lightly shake the container to bring some foundation through the sifter. Unscrew the top and dip the tip of your foundation brush into the makeup. Only pick up a small amount of the minerals.
  3. Swirl the brush into the cap of the foundation container. Doing this ensures that the foundation minerals get deep into the bristles of the brush. When you can no longer see the individual minerals on the brush, then you are ready to apply the foundation.
  4. Starting in the middle of your face, swirl the brush over your skin. Lightly buff the brush in outward, circular strokes.
  5. Continue buffing the skin, adding more foundation as necessary. Remember to load the brush as described in steps 2 and 3 each time and buff towards your hairline and jawline.
  6. Concealer is usually not needed with mineral powder foundation. If you do need additional coverage over a few flaws you would cover them after you have applied the foundation, not before as you would do with liquid foundation. To do so, dip a stiff bristled makeup brush into the foundation
  7. Do not swirl the brush on the cap as you did with the foundation brush.
  8. Directly apply the foundation to the area to be covered. Then lightly buff your face with the soft foundation brush to blend.
  9. The author with mineral powder foundation. No other makeup has been applied.
    The author with mineral powder foundation. No other makeup has been applied.
    After you practice a few times, this procedure will go quickly. U can completely apply foundation in less than one minute. You will find that mineral powder foundation will give you a flawless, airbrushed finish. You will never go back to liquid foundation again!


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